We don’t always think about how light impacts our physical and mental health every day. It’s just… there. But like good quality air, water and food, we need the right kind of light at the right time of day (light nutrition) to be happy, healthy and productive all year round.

When we don’t meet our light nutrition needs, problems such as sleep disruption, Vitamin D deficiency, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the Winter Blues can negatively impact our health, work and relationships.

Light nutrition for individuals.

How much light we need, the type we need and at what time of day is what we mean by light nutrition’. It’s individual to you, so we encourage you to live your light ideal to build and protect your own and your family’s physical and mental health all year round.

Some factors that can influence your individual light ideal:

Your chronotype

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, or somewhere in-between

Your environment

The natural and artificial light you’re exposed to where you spend your time

Your geography

Where in the world you are and its weather patterns

Your seasonality

How sensitive you are to changing seasons

Your demographics

Your gender, age and race

Two female creatives working in front of two Lumie Vitamin L lights receiving bright light therapy

Bright light therapy guide

Bright light therapy can help Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Winter Blues, sleep disorders and more. Find buying, using, watch-out tips in our guide.
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Did you know…?

  • When we don’t meet our light nutrition needs we can experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Winter Blues – nearly a third of the UK adult population do for up to half of every year – affecting our energy, mood and productivity 
  • We’ve become an indoor generation, spending 90% of our time indoors – contributing to an estimated 20% of adults and 16% of children being Vitamin D deficient, which leads to a range of physical and mental health issues
  • Three-quarters of UK adults experience sleep problems
  • Our light nutrition needs can change across the day, week, month and year as well as across our lifetime

Some questions we can answer:

Looking for some quick tips to start making positive changes right now?

Our top tips are a mix of physical, mental and environmental changes you can make to help you live life to the full – and most of them are completely free to do!

Click the image to download a PDF copy of 10 ways to live your light ideal – feel free to print it out so you can keep it somewhere handy to remind you (no sign-up required).

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